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The New Broken Links Check Is Here!

Simon Fletcher March 9, 2021

Every day, SiteSentry will crawl your website looking for broken links and let you know if it finds any. Now you'll know your site is working and not have to find out when your customers tell you.

Broken links may not affect your search engine rankings, but clicking a link and getting a Page Not Found error is a bad look, and a poor experience on your site might drive your customers away.

SiteSentry will scan your site and follow every link it finds - and if it finds one that no longer works, it will send you a notification so you can fix it.

Image of the Broken Links status

If you link to other sites, SiteSentry can check those links too and tell you if any of them are no longer working. You may not be able to fix the other sites, but you can update or remove the broken links on your site.

SiteSentry doesn't just check for 404 errors either - it will find and report pages which are unreachable for other reasons too.

Image of the Broken Links report

SiteSentry will tell you the broken link, the page it was found on, and the error message returned by the server.

You can download the broken links report in CSV or Excel format.