HTTPS Redirect Check

What does this check do?

SiteSentry's HTTPS Redirect Check tries to access your website over an insecure connection (i.e. HTTP) and checks whether it is redirected to a secure connection (i.e. HTTPS).

If a web browser attempts to connect to your website over HTTP, it should receive a 301 ("Moved Permanently") response, including a Location header with the URL of the secure version of your site. If any other response is received, this check will report an error.

This check is a great complement to the SSL Certificate Expiration check - having a valid SSL certificate and a secure connection to your website is only useful if users actually connect to the secure version of your website.

How often does this check run?

This check runs every 30 minutes.

When will I be notified?

SiteSentry will send you an alert immediately if the check fails.