Security overview

We host our application on Microsoft's Azure platform

SiteSentry is built on top of Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud platform, using a combination of Azure App Service, Azure Functions, Azure SQL Database and Azure Storage.

By using the Azure platform, we can be confident that SiteSentry runs in data centres with world-class physical security on platforms that are always fully patched and up to date, constantly monitored and subject to regular security, privacy and compliance audits to remain compliant with global regulations and standards.

The Azure platform addresses security on multiple levels, from physical security, through infrastructure, network, operating systems and applications. For more information, check out the Azure Trusted Cloud web site.

We encrypt your data

Data is encrypted in transit - meaning all data between your browser and our servers is sent using HTTPS - and at rest - meaning both the data we store in our databases and the files we store are encrypted.

We protect your billing information

We use Stripe for billing. Card information is transmitted directly to Stripe without goimmg near our servers. Stripe store card details and process payment securely on a PCI-Compliant network.